How to boot from cd on mac ibook

Using the text-based installer is recommended for systems with little available memory.

How to fix common Mac startup problems [MacRx]

If you have a CD set, and if your machine supports booting directly off the CD, great! Simply insert your CD, reboot, and proceed to the next chapter. Note that certain CD drives may require special drivers, and thus be inaccessible in the early installation stages.

If it turns out the standard way of booting off a CD doesn't work for your hardware, revisit this chapter and read about alternate kernels and installation methods which may work for you.

Simply boot using a different medium and when it's time to install the operating system, base system, and any additional packages, point the installation system at the CD-ROM drive. All OldWorld systems have floppy drives, so use the floppy drive to launch the installer, and then point the installer to the CD for the needed files. Booting from an existing operating system is often a convenient option; for some systems it is the only supported method of installation.

Double click the BootX application icon. This will give you the chance to select the ramdisk. You may need to select the No Video Driver checkbox, depending on your hardware. Then click the Linux button to shut down MacOS and launch the installer. You will have already placed the vmlinux , initrd. At the prompt, type. On some machines, you may need to use ide0: instead of hd:.

In a few more seconds you will see a yaboot prompt. The Debian installation program should start.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard For Dummies

On a PReP machine, you should try. On some PReP systems e.

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Motorola PowerStack machines the command help boot may give a description of syntax and available options. Booting from floppies is supported for PowerPC , although it is generally only applicable for OldWorld systems.

ibook G4 will boot from CD drive - Apple Community

NewWorld systems are not equipped with floppy drives, and attached USB floppy drives are not supported for booting. To boot from the boot-floppy-hfs. For those not familiar with Macintosh floppy operations: a floppy placed in the machine prior to boot will be the first priority for the system to boot from. Ah, yes the processor limitation I used to put drives in a 1ghz G4 and install the system, move the disks to a non-supported G4 and they would work.

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What is the size of the drive you are trying to install the system on? I think there is a gb limit unless you install Hi-Cap. I am not sure if Assuming that the bootable media is correct for your PowerBook, you might need to boot into Open Firmware and select the optical drive. Below are references that should help. Leopard requires 1Ggz to load.

Is booting on a mac ibook G4 from an external dvd drive possible?

Unless you fool it, it refuses. Open Firmware is the way to do this.

*Mac* changing the start up disc

OS X Thanks guys. I did find a I'll try and get a copy to try it with.

How to Boot a MacBook Pro From a CD

Maximum OS for a G4 is either Check on Mactracker to see which model it is and what OS shipped; there are minimum OS requirements as well. All great answers guys. I was able to get the admin account, login, and see that the cd drive was working. Tried one last reboot and it booted from my To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks.