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I miss everything about it. Then came Fleetwood Mac's gig in London in September , when McVie joined them on stage for Don't Stop , which was like "looking over at my family again". Now, with concert rehearsals scheduled for July, Fleetwood Mac are "running through" McVie's demos for a possible new record. Topics Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks Pop and rock news. Reuse this content. I've seen Stevie twice solo but she is in her element with her band; they were awesome!

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Best concert in years!! Band still sounds awesome and played longer than most bands play. Definitely one of the most talented bands ever. Fleetwood Mac has to be one of the best concerts I've ever seen and I've been to too many to mention. Now with Christine McVey back the iconic band is whole again. Everyone still has the pipes looks great and has the unbelievable energy that' makes Fleetwood Mac one of the all time greats and the magic they produce is truly one of a kind that will never be repeated. I think they are better now than back in the day Playing all their great songs together, then each doing a solo and sharing a few stories you could really feel the love of the band and I feel blessed to have been a part of it!

The light show was unexplainable perfect too. Thanks to each orginal member of Fleetwood Mac for giving me such an unforgettable magical night! The show was so great I took a few pics at the beginning of the concert then put my Iphone away and enjoyed the music and show!!

Bad pun intended. This show was so amazing! Christine McVie was back for the first time in 16 years and it was like she never left. So much energy, love, talent, enthusiasm by all. And of course Lindsey and Stevie were perfect together. Concert was awesome!!!!! Fleetwood Mac still has it after all these years!! They concluded and a 2nd encore, Songbird. Just another fabulous Fleetwood Mac concert.

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Loved it!! Fabulous show with all the expected hits. All the energy and showmanship they are known for Lindsey rocks! They sounded the same!!! Looked awesome!! Lindsey was great on guitar! It was great to see Christie!! I would sit through it again!! It was so much fun and that is real music!!!!!!!!!!!! We weren't sure if there was going to be an opening band, there wasn't, but that was ok, because Fleetwood Mac was really rocking, we had a really, really GREAT time and enjoyed the concert!!!!

I was amazed, they were Amazing. No elaborate set, no costume changes or acrobatics, just amazing music.

Fleetwood Mac confirm they will reunite with Stevie Nicks for a world tour

I would see them again in a heatbeat! Amazing show full of positive energy. Still sharp after all these years. Linsdey's guitar playing was masterful. Great show! The concert was truly an epic event. Fleetwood Mac performed all my favorite songs. Grace is incredible! She still has it! I have loved Fleetwood Mac since my high school days in the 70s I had a phenomenal seat at this venue and I was blown away They are the most iconic ansd solid band to date! This concert was one of most memorable experiences of my life,and I have been to several if their shows! They really bring it on heart and soul!!

Fleetwood Mac was quite possibly one of the best shows I've seen in a really long time. It was as though there was an energy in the room that lingered and we weren't ready to leave yet. Going through some rough times in my life I felt the band was speaking to me through every song. A must see!!!!!

This was a birthday gift for my father. I attended with him and we both thought the show was excellent. He said it was classic Stevie. We both enjoyed it very much. So great that each member of the band had a moment of their own to showcase their talent.

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Would definitely recommend this show to everyone. You don't want to miss it! This band still matters and has incredibly maintained a level of performance to match star power with their age. The band still sounds terrific and the vocals are still very good. Christine McVie is close to returning to her old form, but Stevie Nicks has kept her voice strong and carries the vocal star power. Lyndsay still sings well but shows some wear for the type of singing he does especially on songs like Big Love.

Drums, Bass, Guitar and backing vocals are excellent.

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  7. Boardwalk Hall side seating in sections and and anything up and back should not even be seats that are sold. I moved after the first 3 songs so that I could hear the concert properly. The stage front should be moved back or higher prices for tickets in order for everyone in the venue to have a proper chance of really hearing the music. Recommend this group to be seen. Every minute of the nearly three-hour long Fleetwood Mac concert Saturday night in Atlantic City was spectacular!

    The venue, Boardwalk Hall, built in the early s, was a poignant backdrop for this enduring band. The band is truly on fire, fanned by the flames of Christine McVie's return after a much-too-long hiatus. Passion, love, loss, forgiveness, acceptance, and joy emanated from the stage like white winged doves via songs written by some of the most prolific and talented songwriters in the vast world of rock and roll. If you get the chance to see Fleetwood Mac on this tour, don't miss it. They are a musical dynasty of epic proportions.

    For a band full of Social Security-eligible members, Fleetwood Mac put on a great show, full of their "standards" and few one-offs. Lindsay Buckingham was, by far, the most energetic of the band members, offering several solos, but Mick Fleetwood didn't miss a beat on percussion. In all, the main performance lasted 1h55m no intermission , and their encores another 15 minutes.

    Once in the seats, projection screens were partially obscured by sound speakers suspended from the ceiling. I wouldn't sit in these seats again. Several firsts for me Fleetwood Mac were amazing and the smaller venue was a perfect size to see them. Everyone working there was very nice and helpful. Otherwise, it was a memorable evening. After 40 years Fleetwood Mac is still on top of their game.

    Stevie Nicks voice is flawless and shows no signs of her age. Buckingham moves his fingers and plays the guitar like he's supernatural. The band is a perfect storm of talent. My second time seeing them, would love to go again while they are still in the NY area!!. The band is awesome, everyone sounds great. Lindsey is incredible. The show could NOT go on without him. Stevie is magical when she's doing her thing, such as in Gold Dust woman. I always leave a concert having a "new" favorite song.

    Tusk, I'm so Afraid, Big Love are some of their songs that just sound amazing live. And Christine sounds beautiful, ending the show with Songbird. They sounded phenomenal. They looked like they were truly enjoying playing together again now that Christine has joined them. Just an amazing band. They don't make bands like this anymore. Boy, can Buckingham rock.

    Holy cow. The first part of the show was amazing and was appearing to be an unforgettable night until mic fleetwood got sick. It happened, nobody had control over that. What fleetwood did have control over was to continue the concert. The show began 20 minutes late and was over in 1 hour and 25 minutes. The drum tech filled in for a song and was amazing. I believe the band could of continued and put on an amazing show however they chose to stop leaving a lot of fans out a lot of money for half a show.

    I doubt that will actually happen and if it does, I'm sure it would be at full price. Things definitely would be made right if there was some discount or money refunded but I highly doubt that will happen. So what could have continued and would have been a 5 star show ended with let down and disappointed!

    The concert was better and better as the night went on. Each of the band members put their own touch to the music and it felt great. The music reached back to early Fleetwood Mac and it was awesome to soak in the great sound and energy and passion they have for their music. I am the only fan that wishes they would re-visit the sounds of their Bare Trees album of the 70's! Judging by the age of the crowd at the concert they would know what I am talking about.

    This was a concert worth attending. God speed Fleetwood Mac.

    The sound was so crisp and clear and rocked the house. I loved that there were personal stories about the songs, a dedication of Landslide to "Prince" from Stevie The performance was great, lots of energy and drive, good songs, wonderful vocals. The experience was spoiled by the couple in front of me who stood and danced at their seats for the entire show. Also the other spectators constantly getting up and leaving their seats - some of them many times. I've seen Fleetwood about 6 times. This was the best concert yet. They played for about 3 hours and they played all their greatest hits plus some lesser known but great songs.

    Lindsey is amazing, Stevie continues to amaze, Mick was Mick which is hilarious and fun. Christine is back and sang her hits, and as usual, we never heard a word form John. There was soooo much more dialogue than ever before. They never seem to amaze! An amazing show. It was great that Christine McVie was back with the band.

    It gave it the sound of the Fleetwood Mac that we all know. The sound in the auditorium was really good.


    They didn't take a break, and played until 11 PM! Every song they sang was awesome! I liked it also that the band members would give a little trivia regarding their history and not just play and not relate to the audience like some other bands.

    Fleetwood Mac - Live in Vancouver - Nov. 18th 2014

    All of their voices sounded great! I would definitely go see them again if I had the chance. This was a mixed bag. Yes, Christine McVie is back with the band, making them whole again, though let's be honest; Christine is now 71 years old. Age is a factor, especially for the vocal range of singers. This was true for Stevie Nicks as well, who didn't even bother trying to reach beyond perhaps one and a half octaves; the high vocal notes of those Fleetwood Mac songs we all know and love simply were not sung. Whereas Ms. McVie did venture into some higher octaves, perhaps the hearing affected her and the precision of pitch just wasn't there.

    On a positive note, some of their harmonies were still pleasant enough with the help of three youthful backup singers to bolster the group. On another positive note, Lindsey Buckingham can still do exceptionally well on a variety of stringed instruments, though he was almost too enthusiastic. At times when he would finish a long flourishing riff at the end of a song endings that were sometimes drawn out excruciatingly long , you were almost afraid he was going to have a cardiac event. Then he would bow and hang his guitar over his shoulder as though he had just accomplished the most amazing musical demonstration in the history of mankind.

    Next was Mic Fleetwood; definitely can still bang away at a drum kit extremely well, but I have to say no matter how much I love a band, I just don't believe a drum solo is ever a good idea. Mic and Lindsey and Stevie all seemed just a tad too pleased with themselves after what turned out to be a mediocre performance; again, mostly due to the poor vocals. If you absolutely love this band, you will at least be rewarded with them hitting all of the best songs, but again back to the age thing; there comes a time at a certain age when it might be time to consider hanging it up Maybe I'm just waxing sentimental.

    The last time I saw the original American lineup was In a very dysfunctional place - still great, but the drama was high. This Fleetwood Mac was also great. But in seemingly such a comfortable place. The baggage they previously carried has been put down. The contents emptied and fashioned into a warm, loving quilt, gently wrapping them in the memories of the past --both good and bad- and holding them together in a new and wonderful way. They all looked so happy. Two reserved parking passes will be valid in lots C and K. Holders of these passes will be directed to A, B, D, E or L lots by traffic police and parking attendants based on traffic conditions.

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