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Users have sometimes found Kodi not working as expected. There have been complaints of strange bugs, random crashes, and freezing.

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Some users have come across issues when playing videos using Kodi. There is a lot of buffering, and then instances of lag and stutters when a video eventually starts playing.

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A lot of issues with Kodi not working can be fixed by simply clearing the cache. However, a useful add-on called Indigo is available that you will need to first install. Now the Indigo add-on has been installed.

To clear the cache or data, here is what you need to do. There you have it for this look at some issues that result in Kodi not working as expected. For something that is as complicated as Kodi can be, it is relatively easy to troubleshoot any problems that you may come across.


In most cases, simply wiping the cache seems to do the trick more often than not. A lot of illegal streaming services have been shutting down recently following increasing pressure from content providers and Kodi itself, but there are still a lot of approved add-ons to pick from. How you choose to use Kodi is entirely up to you. Neither Android Authority nor Kodi support piracy in any form, and bear no responsibility for what you decide to do with the contents of this article.

How To. Problem 1 — Kodi crashes, freezes, or has strange bugs Users have sometimes found Kodi not working as expected.

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  • Problem #1 – Kodi crashes, freezes, or has strange bugs.
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  • In the case of Windows, the app can be updated automatically if you install Kodi via the Windows Store. Hardware acceleration is one of the main reasons that cause problems with Kodi not working.

    Problems with Kodi not working and how to fix them

    Disabling it may be enough to fix any issues you are facing. Go to the Settings menu by clicking or tapping on the gear icon found in the menu on the left. Open Player Settings. Kodi, the open source media player, is the go-to in for all streaming needs. It provides you with an easy way to stream music, photos and videos from your PC, Mac or NAS drive, along with the ability to stream videos online.


    While Kodi is available on a number of different devices, they all have one common issue: buffering. The one weakness in an otherwise flawless setup. The arrow to the knee. Generally speaking, those that want to stream video online require download speeds of mbps minimum, and those with a slower connection will experience buffering from time-to-time.