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Say you got hacked. Also, your bots must suck. I have been botting for a year and have been noticeably reported and still haven't been banned. Why is that? I mean, the ivy plant doesn't give any logs, only xp. Botters at ivy: xperience on skillers, mains, and faster yews as mentioned above.

Macroers still have to be set up by humans, so there is a background planning. No it isn't. Mute 24 hrs for first offence. I tried lol. Btw to stop them use a dwarf multicannon on the front door. Also I know bots that work for people standing on aubury. They dont HAVE a bot-detector, even if they did it wont work, now the bots have a script to fight off the effects. While it's somewhat adequately defines in the rules, the common definition for a macro is incorrect.

Things like Mousekeys even though Jagex has said they don't mind it specifically are macros, and not all macros are bots.

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I'm not sure where the start of this is, whether it's Jagex's misunderstanding similar to the noob argument or it's a player misunderstanding, but shouldn't it at least be noted in the wiki that it's bots that are illegal, and not macros? First, we'd need a clear definition of "bot" and similarly of "macro". I'll work on that. Actually, it seems that this article should be named "Bot" instead of "Macro". The following definitions are from me based on information I read:. Example of this is AutoTalker.

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AutoTalker simply types out and "says" that same thing over and over and over and over. Bot: a more complex program that uses information on the screen to determine what command to execute next. Example: When a player's inventory is full of logs, the bot program recognises it, and goes to bank them. When it sees that a tree just respawned, it clicks on it. The reason being is that most players are using bots and not macroes.

I really want to see one up close. Even south of Falador, none. What worlds do they like?

The less busy ones? The opening paragraph does a rather poor job of clarifying the different uses of the term "AFK" and what counts as "legitimate. Botting has increased since Almoast everywhere you go, you will see bots. However, many are in disquise and cannot be identified easily.

With the wilderness coming back, bots will increase dramaticaly! There are tons of firemaking bots out there. I can easily tell without doing anything. From the bots motion it does a pattern. It burns about 5 logs without fast clicking and normal clicking like you would do at a lower level of firemaking. Then the 6th and 7th burn does the fast fire click which burns 2 logs without the motion of the character kneeling down and lighting it.

And then it repeats. Its really easy to see this. I see alot of them in my home world which is totals xD. So sad! It tries to trick someone because when they see him fast click they might forget about it. I have studied this and found out. Just watch for those guys.. Once i was firemaking there and there were a lot of people thought i was botting.

I got reported by around people eventhough i was trying to talk to them. Also after that they tryed to trap me by using traps which only made me mad. The article says marker plants work But I suppose other, older, methods work too. It's still possible to move a summoning familar in there, teleother someone and crash the bot this way or put a dwarven multicannon near it. Last one especially for non-advanced firemaking bots. Generally speaking, the "putting on equipment that makes you look like a piece of flax" thing to catch macroers won't work.

Only a very unadvanced bot would fall for this; most bots recognise that flax, like all objects in-game, has an ID number, and the bot will search for an object corresponding to that ID number on the ground, and then click on that spot to pick the flax. Very few bots look at the appearance of the object, so dressing up to look like flax will very rarely work.

If there was bot hunting equipment that would make players have an ID number like the items then that would work. Duck , August 21, UTC. Seeing that bots are rising by an ungodly large number per day, I think it's about time we did something to stop them. Should we create a page to tell others how to stop bots? Extreme , April 9, UTC.

Can someone semi-protect this page for a while to help prevent the vandalism on the page? Smithing , April 27, UTC. Hey guys. I've been embedded fairly deep in the RS cheating scene for quite a few years, and stumbled upon this page. Please, ask away. I'll be checking fairly often so post as many questions as you want. Madness v2. Because unregistered users have been vandalizing the article and posting links to actual macro downloads, the page has been semiprotected for three months.

I added some history from my knowledge and sources about the history of bots. More of the recent stuff was from research. If you have a problem I guess remove it, but it is vaulable information that is historical now to Runescape! Where is the consensus by the community to not add this information? While the methods found are temporary, they should be listed while they work.

Unless of course you have some bots you do not want messed with. Instead of disallowing methods, we should list known methods that will screw the bots up. Yes, they will often only work for a short time, but better to allow players at least some time of not competing with bots than none at all. The methods should be simple and if we get too many, we can make a page for them and link to it. Maybe keep this page semiprotected to stop any nonsense from getting added.

As for P2P, dwarf multicannon and gnome ball are the only ones I can think of, but script writers can just update their scripts so that it won't work anymore. Maybe a bot busting page or section to this page could be added as it has become popular among players and sometimes jagex mods turn up CarbonZeroX , July 3, UTC. Why does AFK training directly redirect here? AFK can be done honestly watching TV and doing the usual behaviour when a task is finished like banking monkfish and fishing again.

There also should be a mention of macroers on AFK training. This an encyclopaedia, let's fill it up. Could someone please explain to me why my bot armor image was deleted and undone? All I did was try to help, and no reason was given for its removal, so I tried to redo it, but unfortunately, it was removed, so it ended up being undone again due to the lack of image. Unless you can provide a reason, I will re-upload the image and keep re-doing it until a reason is given. Mm , August 15, UTC. Anyone think that ClusterFlutterer may deserve it's own page?

In my opinion, it should but what do you guys think? Shinydarkrai94 , October 23, UTC. It may be too early to be discussing this but are the Common Hotspots and Stopping Bots section necessary anymore? Xhanort7 , October 25, UTC. Someone should look into it. In addition, I've collected quite a few quotes from Jmods and even a few '3rd party' programmers who agree with Jmods that RSbuddy and other botting sites will not be able to get around this update for a long time, and that they are bluffing to prevent their fans from demanding their money back.

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I think we could have a fairly long section about the debate over that. Shinydarkrai94 , October 27, UTC. Since most bots are gone, is this section even necessary anymore? If not, we should archive it somewhere. Krayfish , October 26, UTC. I've said the same thing. There's no such thing as a common hotspot anymore and methods to stop them part isn't needed. Page just needs to be condenced with a lot of stuff removed. Xhanort7 , October 26, UTC. Is it okay to add or is it extremely irrevelent? I know a very important thing that I totally miss in the section "Identifying and reporting macros": combat macro's ALWAYS have non-degradeable armor on, without any exceptions.

Look at the green dragon bots: granite armor, rune armor, whip. Nothing degradeable! Infernal Realms. Use this control to limit the display of threads to those newer than the specified time frame. Note: when sorting by date, 'descending order' will show the newest results first. Forum Rules. Follow MPGH. Remember Me? Announcement: New Staff Positions Available!

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