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Without formal victory conditions, players sometimes set goals for themselves like raising a minor city-state to world prominence. The world map includes some 1, provinces and sea zones. Many provinces in the Americas , Africa , and Oceania are not owned by any country, allowing for colonization. Economics in the early modern era is simulated by taxes and production income from provinces, as well as trade. Nations which mint too much currency, or are over-reliant on gold mining , are penalized by inflation.

Technology investment is important in the long run; the game does not use a Civ -style tech tree , but instead has several different technology categories, which unlock new military units and buildings. Diplomacy is rather detailed: royal marriages , insults, alliances , trade embargoes , and so on all affect relations between countries.

Players are able to gain control over other countries peacefully through personal unions and vassalage. Early international institutions such as the Holy Roman Empire , the Papal Curia and with the Divine Wind expansion the Shogunate are simulated in some depth. Every country has its own culture and religion , a frequent source of diplomatic unity or friction.

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Rulers have control over armies , navies , and mercenaries they recruit. Combat is abstract, with no direct control over battles contrast the Total War games. Military tradition is necessary for recruiting good generals and admirals. Aggression seizing provinces without a rightful claim is checked by the "badboy" system of international infamy common to Paradox's games.

The game is historically detailed; one can play the "grand campaign" starting in or , but any date before the French Revolution with the Napoleon's Ambition expansion is a valid starting point as well, with historical leaders and countries appropriately updated. Major events such as the War of the League of Cambrai are playable this way. Often the game diverges from reality after some time in-game, with unhistorical events such as Portugal colonizing North America , or Poland-Lithuania surviving to bully its neighbors.

The game may be played single-player or multiplayer , with players controlling different countries; every non-human country is controlled by its own AI. Paradox has released 4 expansion packs for EU3 ; each one requires all the previous expansions.

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On 3 May , an expansion named Napoleon's Ambition was announced by Paradox. It was officially released on 22 August via GamersGate , a digital distribution platform. The Windows version of the expansion is available as a download from GamersGate or as part of the Europa Universalis III Complete retail package, and aims to expand on EUIII with an improved interface, an enhanced trade system, expanded options, and the inclusion of more content to cover the extended time period. On 5 March , a second expansion titled In Nomine was announced.

It was officially released on 28 May that same year. Features include: a further extension of the game's time frame, the addition of the Byzantine Empire, a revised AI which focuses on strategic top-level goals, and completely reworked rebels with their own goals and abilities. Because the game's time frame has been extended by 54 years, it now includes nations such as the Byzantine Empire and the Jalayirids , leaders like Tamerlane , and events such as the end of the Hundred Years' War.

A key variation of the expansion is the ability for the player to make important decisions that will shape the future of their country. They can now implement decisions on both country and province level with the new decision system, including hundreds of different decisions depending on situation for example, the current state religion and country.

In Nomine also features 'rebels with a cause'.


There are several types of rebels Religious, Patriotic, Peasant For example, if patriotic rebels take control of a province, that province will suffer from 10 more years of nationalism and is more likely to defect. Other rebels include colonial rebels in your colonies determined to get representation or independence and reactionary nobles rising up to put the serfs back in their place. You can now choose between crushing rebels using military force, negotiating with them, or leaving them and watching them enforce their demands on your country. On 19 August , a third expansion titled Heir to the Throne was announced.

It was released for Windows on 15 December and includes many features requested by members of the forum. As the title suggests, it is focused mostly on royal family dynamics. On May 27, , a poll was created on the Paradox forums by a developer in which users could vote for a new expansion. On 9 September, Divine Wind expansion was announced. This was the first time Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind became available in retail. Most of EU3's settings are in plain text files that are easily changed to modify the map, historical events, etc.

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Some popular mods extensively change the game, adding historical flavor, fantasy scenarios, or new game mechanics. One mod for EU3 is Magna Mundi , which aims to add detail to the game's map and to steer the course of the alternate history portrayed by the game more towards real-world history by means of scripted events. A standalone version of Magna Mundi was planned as a spinoff game, to be developed by the mod's authors, operating as the development studio Universo Virtual, and to be published by Paradox.

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Posted April 17, When I start up the game, I first experience the extermely long loading time, but when I finally reach the main menu and try to start a new game, the game crashes without proper description of the problem. Do I need another version of EU: Rome than the one offered here to play the mod? Thanks p. SeamusAndroid SeamusAndroid Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable.

Posted April 29, Posted May 01, Running into the exact same problem as Wolfram. Here is what I did: - Installing EU:Rome - Applying the latest patch - Installing the mod - deleting the map cache content as described - starting the game by using the launcher and choosing rise of the ancients as mod SeamusAndroid - Are you sure it's the same with EU:R?

I know what you mean but reading the description over at the paradox forums I figure you have to replace certain original files and can't go back to playing vanilla after that. Posted May 04, Thank you for your answers, gentlemen. I'm playing the game with the other great mod, Epigony, at the moment. I can highly recommend it as it enhances the game greatly. Posted May 09, Wolfram, I got RoA to work on my Win 7 system.

Here is how: - I completly wiped uninstalled the previous installation from my hard disk - I installed the GOG version with default path settings - I extracted the latest patch I think 2. Posted May 23, Hey, sorry for the late reply. That's great! I'll try it out for myself soon. Posted November 15, SenniTreborius SenniTreborius Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable.

Posted May 31, I have a GOG version of the game on my windows 7 laptop. I then unzipped to a folder called RoA I then noticed that the gog version is Vae Victus 2. Downloaded the EU Rome 2. Ran Rome,exe 2. To let necessary files be created by the exe.