How to enter subscripts in excel mac

Enter Text And Move Left. Copy Formula From Cell Above. Copy Value From Cell Above. Add Hyperlink.

  1. Add superscript and subscript buttons to Office toolbars!
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Insert Current Date. Insert Current Time. Display Autocomplete List. Flash Fill. Fill Down. Fill Right. Navigation Shortcuts. Move One Cell.

How to Superscript and Subscript (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Move to Edge of Data Region. Move One Screen Up. Move One Screen Down. Move One Screen Right. Move One Screen Left. Move To Beginning Of Row. Turn End Mode On. Creating Formulas Shortcuts. Insert Function Arguments into Cell. Sum Selected Cells. Calculate Part of a Formula. Create Array Formula. Named Range Shortcuts. Open Name Manager Dialog Box.

4 Ways To Type Superscript and Subscript On a Mac (MacMost #1853)

Insert Named Range Into Formula. Calculation Shortcuts. Calculate Now. Calculate Active Sheet. Force Calculate. Manual Calculation. Turn on Automatic Calculation. Autosum Selected Cells. Dialog Box Navigation Shortcuts. Toggle Checkbox. Apply Changes and Close the Dialog Box.

How do I type superscripts and subscripts using keyboard shortcuts? | MacRumors Forums

Cancel Changes and Close the Dialog Box. Next Control. Previous Control. Next Tab.

Previous Tab. Spreadsheet Review Shortcuts. Cell Editting Shortcuts. Edit The Active Cell. Go to Beginning of Cell. Go to End of Cell. Select Character. Move One Word to Right or Left. Select One Word to Right or Left. Delete Character to Right of Cursor. Delete Character to the Left of Cursor. Insert Or Edit Comment. Ribbon Shortcuts. Activate Ribbon Shortcut Keys.

Move To Next Ribbon Control. Activate Selected Control. Confirm Control Change. Cancel Control Change. Get Help On Selected Control. Workbook Shortcuts. Insert New Worksheet. Go To Next Worksheet Tab. Go To Previous Worksheet Tab. Move To Next Pane. Move To Previous Pane. Go To Next Workbook. Go To Previous Workbook.

Minimize Current Workbook Window. Maximize Current Workbook Window. Switch Tabs. Selection Shortcuts. Select Visible Cells Only. Select Cells With Comments. Display 'Go To' Dialog Box. Select Current Array. Select Row Differences. Select Column Differences. Select All Precedents. Select All Dependents. Select Direct Precedents. Select Direct Dependents. Find and Replace. Find Previous Match. Find Next Match. Insert Chart. Insert Chart in New Worksheet.

Toggle Autofilter. Activate Filter. Create Table. Open Macros.

Format text values as superscript or subscript

Stop Running Macro. Worksheet Shortcuts. Insert Row. Insert Column. Delete Row. Delete Column. Delete Cell. Hide Column. Hide Row. Unhide Row. Unhide Column. Display Insert Dialog Box. Display Delete Dialog Box. Click the link to create a password, then come back here and sign in.

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  4. How to Type Subscripts on Mac.

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