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The Export action saves user-specific app preferences. The Reveal in Finder action under the File menu does what its name implies. On OS X Snow Leopard or higher, this action is capable of selecting multiple apps in a Finder window if the apps share the same root path.

The list of apps is automatically rearranged by the criteria set. To toggle a check box's state, select an app and press space bar. SixtyFour is a memory optimizer and system utility for OS X. Its main purpose is the augmentation of overall system performance on low memory systems by reducing the memory overhead associated with apps running in bit mode.

This is accomplished by forcing bit apps to open in bit mode. An app usually contains several versions of the code: This is necessary to ensure that the app will run on all Macs that support OS X. SixtyFour analyzes the apps on your Mac and presents a list of bit apps that can open in bit mode. Apps excluded from the list are apps that will not open, apps that will only open in bit mode or bit mode, Java apps and unregistered apps. Forcing a bit app to open in bit mode is safe. However, a very small number of apps e.

Please contact the developer of the app directly to resolve the problem. On older systems that have little memory available, it is advisable to open an app in bit mode. Apps running in bit mode use significantly less memory than apps running in bit mode. On newer systems that have ample memory available, it is better to open an app in bit mode. Apps running in bit mode can access more memory than apps running in bit mode. If the bit button is selected and the bit button is not selected, the list will list bit apps that will open in bit mode. If the bit button is not selected and the bit button is selected, the list will list bit apps that will open in bit mode.

Note that the filter applied respects the input of the search field. To report an app, contact us. We will analyze the app to try to understand what is causing the problems you describe, and blacklist the app if necessary. Changes made in SixtyFour will be kept across reboots. Changes made in SixtyFour are specific to the user and are not persistent when switching between user accounts.

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It is not required to keep SixtyFour running. For example, all apps forced to open in bit mode will open in bit mode even when SixtyFour is not running. Most payment methods are processed immediately after your purchase.

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If you have not received your license within 24 hours, please check your spam folder. If you still have not received it, please contact us and notify us of your payment. Based on the usage you give to the license you can install it on a different number of computers:. Some email clients truncate attachment filenames. SixtyFour only recognizes the file if it has the extension,.

Too bad you found one. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Your feedback is important to us, as it helps us to improve SixtyFour.

Force Snow Leopard to Use 64 Bit Kernel

Payment services are handled by Paddle; SixtyFour is available using any of the many payment alternatives they support: Home Docs FAQs. A Memory Optimizer for Mac. Boost Your Old Mac's Performance. Feature Highlights. SixtyFour presents a list of bit apps that can open in bit mode. View Screenshot. SixtyFour Agent is a standalone app, which displays the bit mode of an app when launched. It can help you determine if an app opens in bit mode. What Our Customers Said. SixtyFour really helped my iMac have a second life.

What I thought was a failing computer, was just one that couldn't handle as much memory as some of the bit programs were taking up.

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Many of those programs were able to drop to bit and left the system with a lot more working memory. The kernel can boot 32 or 64 bit. But all 64 bit software, system or third party, can still run 64 bit under a 32 bit kernel. Not really. Booting into bit mode (Snow Leopard)

The only real issue is drivers that must load during startup. If they're 32 bit only, they won't load if you start up to a 64 bit kernel. You would then be unable to use the device the driver is for. Here's the configuration file approach for always booting into bit. This is the best way to make your Mac always start up 64 bit as the only thing necessary is to alter one line of a configuration file. You can do that by opening the Terminal and entering or copy the next line and paste in into Terminal:.

Boot 'Kernel Flags' ''. Posted on Nov 24, 4: Page content loaded.

Nov 24, 3: Nov 24, 4: Wow, thanks for the great answers! I will do this and stay in bit mode. Nov 24, 5: You're welcome, Gerard. A small note, you don't have to enter the second Terminal command to get the Mac to boot 32 bit if you need to. Holding down the 3 and 2 keys during startup will still override the configuration's setting of 64 bit.

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How to change 64bit to 32bit on Mac OS 10.6.8

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