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The next generation of Dramatica software is now available for Macintosh! All new interface, and including many new tools for practical story development.

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Skip to content. Posted on January 13, by Melanie Anne Phillips. So, check it out, and help support a poor, old struggling teacher of creative writing.

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You can even display your story along a timeline. Contour, again by Mariner, again for Mac only, is a story development app especially designed for writers of movie scripts. Contour helps writers follow the same character-based structure favoured by major Hollywood directors. It lets you organize your story more effectively and suggests what should come next based on the most marketable movie scripts. Overly complicated for many writers perhaps, Tinderbox is a comprehensive piece of Mac software which helps you organise your notes, plans and ideas.

The Next Chapter in Story Development

It arranges any notes you make in a highly intuitive manner, letting you organise them by both shape and colour. Tinderbox is expensive, but can prove invaluable when planning a book over a long period of time. Tools on offer include a brilliant margin note and bookmark maker as well as a panel for making general notes as you go along. Available for both Windows and Mac, Celtx is a powerful and free piece of media pre-production software, ideal for those writing screenplays, stage plays, films, documentaries, comics and much more.

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Celtx provides the full service. It not only helps you write scripts, storyboards, scenes and sketches, it helps you build interesting characters, schedule productions and even create reports for cast and crew. Scrivener, for Mac, is a fantastic word processor and project management app for writers of long texts. It brings together all the tools a writer might require in one handy application.

The 10 Best Writing Apps of 2018

You can view and edit all text files, image files, PDFs, movies, sound files and web pages from inside Scrivener, researching in one pane while writing in another. WriteRoom is a word processor for those who prefer to craft their copy without distractions. WriteRoom for Mac, and Dark Room, its Windows equivalent, offer the simplicity of a typewriter, but in digital form, letting you focus on your writing and nothing else.

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LaTeX is a typesetting system for those who write technical and scientific papers, but feel restricted by the limited scientific capabilities of standard word processors. It lets writers express mathematic equations, scientific formulae, bibliographies, indexes and more, quickly and easily. PaperToolsPro is a web subscription service for students and other writers of research papers and other academic documents.

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It helps you avoid plagiarism by letting you collect quotes, sources and notes in your own words, together. It also speeds up the arduous process of bibliography writing and formatting. Once your work on PaperToolsPro is done, it can quickly be transferred to a word processor. WhiteSmoke Writer is for all those who feel let down by the rather poor spelling and grammar checkers which come as standard on Microsoft Word and other popular word processors.

WhiteSmoke will evaluate your grammar, readability, spelling and style, providing useful explanations for any mistakes you make. StoryView, for Windows, is perfect for writers who like to see a visual take on the structure of their work.

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EverNote is a multi-platform app Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, BackBerry etc which lets you make notes wherever you are, whether at home on your computer or out and about on your mobile, perfect for writers who never know where their next source of inspiration is going to come from. Type a note, grab a screenshot or clipping from a web page, or take a photo, and store them all in one safe place.

PageFour is a word processor built specifically for creative writing. You can take Snapshot Copies as you write, which you can revert back to whenever your writing starts to veer off at a tangent. You can even scan your work for overused words and phrases. At the end of the day, the important thing is to find a tool that allows suits your own personal approach to writing. However your ideas leave your head and enter the page, your story is the central player and things such as consistency, motivation and sheer determination to get to the end of your literary journey will see you through.

It is at this point that we at CMP can talk you though your printing options as a self publisher and assist you in a variety of ways including formatting, finishing options and cover design.

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