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Customer Support Need help or have a question about one of our apps? Visit our support center! Visit Support. Other apps you may be interested in Disk Aid. Shortcut Bar. There are apps for almost every device web, iOS, desktop and Android , plus it also integrates with web browsers and there are plugins for Gmail and Outlook. There are options to review the upcoming week, colour code priority tasks, and delegate items to other people in shared lists. This Apple-only productivity manager is built for people who like to seriously organise themselves. It's based on the Getting Things Done time management method and has options for seemingly every possibility.

Omnifocus has folders, subfolders, projects, contexts, flags, reviews, forecasts and much more.

Top 25 Best To-Do List Apps 2019

Custom views can show only the next task in each product to help you keep focus. For some people, there may be too many options.

33 best to-do list apps for Mac and iOS | Product Hunt

A Pro version lets you run AppleScripts to add automation and offers more extra features. This German-created app is on its last legs. After Microsoft purchased the startup that created it in , the tech giant committed to closing Wunderlist.

Microsoft is replacing it with a Wunderlist clone called To-Do but so far it hasn't managed to replicate its success. Wunderlist is still one of the best options out there at the moment.

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It's free, easy to use, syncs incredibly quickly, has options for due dates, sub-tasks, attachments and much more. Most importantly, it's available across all devices. The big caveat is that we don't know when Microsoft will pull the curtains on the service for good. Which by the way is the easiest way to have a grocery shopping list because you add items as you think of them and it is shared so whoever does the shopping always has a current list.

Microsoft To-Do review: Finally check that new Mac to-do app off your list

I have the app on my laptop and my phone. The lists always sync on both so always have it available no matter which one I use. Absolutely the best thing that has happened to me to simplify my life. I owe my friend and will be taking her out to one of the nicest restaurants in Dallas as a thank you for how she has helped me get my sanity back!

Thanks Rebecca you are a saint. I have tried more than 10 Organizational programs, most of which were free, had nominal cost or had plenty of Internet Hype and after about 5 years and many trash cans later, this one is hands down the best!

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I manage 6 Departments with multiple direct reports. I sit on 4 Boards and have numerous family commitments with teenage kids.

OmniFocus 3 for Mac

I would be lost without this program. I love that you can combine Business and Personal all in one.

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You can assignl tasks to your subordinates and then keep track of their progress while they hold themselves accountable. You can create notes and follow up dates. You can attach documents and even e-mail tasks to yourself in meetings. The list goes on and on….