Mac ssh port 22 connection timed out

California region. Originally, I created an Amazon Linux and everything worked great. I was trying to follow along an online tutorial and thought to start fresh so I deleted every VPC and EC2 from my account. I feel my IP is blocked somewhere but I couldn't figure out.

I even sent my screenshots to an instructor but he couldn't figure out either and suggested me to create a new AWS account. Anyway, I hope someone here can help me or tell me how to troubleshoot this issue. It is not fair to be treated this way even for a free-tier user. After all, I am trying to take the exam and hope to become an AWS expert. Then I will suggest the company to use AWS services but this is an obstacle that may push me away from this goal. Best Regards, Ian.

Posted on: Mar 12, PM.

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Hello, I understand that you are not able to connect to your instance i-0e77bfbaa7d2 on SSH port This is due to your security group:sg-9ee7 attached to your instance, you have allowed ALL inbound traffic from sg-9ee7. So only the instances which have sg-9ee7 attached will be able to connect to your i-0e77bfbaa7d2 instance. Posted on: Mar 18, AM. I have had the same problem, have gone through the troubleshooting documentation provided by amazon, also i had set the inbound traffic to be only from my IP, i haven't set multiple redundant permissions but still face the connection timed issue on trying to connect through ssh tunnel.

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Posted on: Apr 7, PM. I have the same problem for last 3 days. I am not able to connect to my ec2 instance which is at N. Virginia i-0bdf8eac5a0cc9. I have checked all methods listed above my security group accepts incoming traffic from 22 TCP for all.

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I did not change anything on the server. It was working properly. Posted on: Apr 8, AM. Wanted to chime in and say I'm having the same issue.

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Yesterday I was able to connect fine and now suddenly I'm getting "connection timed out". Pretty sure I haven't changed any settings. Tried making a new instance and I've found that I can connect fine the first time, but after closing the connection and trying to reconnect, I start getting "connection timed out". Edited by: astrovult on Apr 8, AM.

Posted on: Apr 8, PM. I'm in the same boat. This is an instance that was added by my Autoscaling group. I've been able to successfully SSH to other instances in the past, so I'm not sure what's going on in this case. I'm relatively new to AWS and I need to resolve this before Tuesday for a class project, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Posted on: Apr 9, PM. Same here, the instance ID I have is ifd7a Posted on: Apr 27, AM. In the Security Groups settings, add an inbound rule for port 22 with your IP.

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  • Hope that helps! Posted on: Jun 11, PM. I just had my old account reactivated so that I can testing for a new project. However, something must be messed up, since my instance keeps becoming unreachable. I've just tried a full rebuild. Delete all instance, volumes, VPC, the works. Then I checked my security groups and allowed ALL traffic from my ip. I even check the gateway and made brand new keys. I temporarily disabled iptables. I think it may be a network issue. Maybe I've accidentally affected it. Any other thoughts how to troubleshoot this?

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    ssh: connect to host xxxxx port 22: Connection timed out

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    Anas Anas 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Does it work if you shut your firewall down? Yes, sorry for not being clear, I did check with the firewall off as well! I'm thinking of a routing issue Is it possible to set your Mac to use the Windows computer's IP address and try to ssh from your Mac? Could you add the output of netstat -rn to your question you may not want to make all IP addresses public here at AskDifferent, in that case replace them with a. Is your Mac in the same network as your storage device? Did you finally understand and fixed this ssh blocked?

    Anas: you wrote in a comment that the problem was the same on your colleague's laptop. Was this wrong? What is the difference between you Mac and Windows client? What does a basic ping give on the 2 ones? Hi daniel, thank you very much for your answer.